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Over 3hr Starter Pack

This pack is specifically designed for first time Hammer Nutrition users who training and racing over 3 hours, with a massive 20% off!
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Product Description


This pack is designed specifically for any new users trying Hammer Nutrition for the first time. When training and racing is predominantly over a 3 hour period . The pack allows you to try out all our products in single sachets which are best designed for this distance Enjoy this special introductory offer of less 20% discount on the pack

Our over 3 hour products contain many carbohydrate / Protein combinations ideal for use during the longer distances, when muscles are breaking down and requiring protein to assist in the repair process. Products like Perpetuem , Hammer Bar are ideal sources of protein for these requirements.

The Starter pack consists of the following :-
2 x Heed Sachets
1 x W/Bottle
1 x Flask
2 x Perpetuem sachets
2 x Perpetuem solids
1 x Endurolyte Trial
1 x Endurolyte fizz
1 x Recoverite sachet
2 x Hammer bars
1 x Whey sachet
2 x Hammer gels