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My plan for the 2020 KWay SkyRun100 was "Fast or Fun". The build up to the race went really well and I was able to stay strong and healthy with the use of Hammer daily Essentials Race Cap Supreme, Race Day Boost and Liquid Endurance.

The pace was fast on the first climb, at C1; The Tower. We were a group of six running closely together. Three guys broke off the front and pushed the pace again. I decided to hang back and using better navigation through some sections was able to stay close behind them until about 25km. At the 32km stream "Old Faithful" I took time fuelling up as the day was starting to get warm, drinking and eating would be essential to making it to the finish. The use of Hammer Fizzy cola and grape flavour made sure my water had everything in it as I needed to stay hydrated. I made sure to have a proper meal with Hammer Perpetuem and Futurelife. The group I was running with pushed on and I found myself alone and able to run my own race.

On the drop into Balloch I was running strong but knew I needed to spend some time eating and recovering with my seconds, before I could tackle the second half of the race. 

At the routine medical check the medics were not happy with my body temperature and said I was hypothermic. They rushed to get me on a drip and try get my body temperature up from around 30 degrees C. After 40 minutes they were happy and, to my surprise, said I could continue.

The mental battle going over the wall and running so close to the finish line before turning for the final 40 kms was tough. I was starting to feel strong again and knew my body was ready, I just needed my mind to accept the change from a fast run to a fun run.

At the bottom of Bridal Pass I joined up with Brian Gardner and Chris Biley - two friends I had spent many hours on the trails with before. We decided we would do the final 30km together and enjoy the last bit of the day.

Going around the Turn the altitude started to affect me, with bouts of nausea and feeling completely weak. I knew I just needed to get lower on the mountain and told the group “let’s run and get off this mountain”.

We ran when we could and made good time to Halstons Peak, the final check point. The sun had set and as we arrived at the check point my headlamp turned off and we couldn't get it going again. Thankfully Chris had a spare handheld torch which made the decent off Halstones tricky with only 1 hand but much better than no light at all.

Finishing 7th in a time of 16hrs39min isn't what I planned but any finish at this brutal race is something to appreciate. 

Stewart Chaperon
Hammer Nutrition Ambassador