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The Endurolytes range of Hammer Nutrition is extensive. The range of products for all types of conditions and exercise sessions will allow you to perform at your best for hour after hour. When you take into consideration that our 2 main race fuels, HEED and Perpetuem, include the Endurolytes profile, it is easy to see how combining your caloric, hydration and “anti-cramp” needs can be easily achieved. Hammer prefer the term “cellular function” over “anti-cramp”, as a cramp in your muscles is a belated signal that your electrolyte levels are low. All the cells in the body rely on adequate electrolytes to function properly, so if your muscle cells are struggling, then it is likely your smooth muscle cells in the digestive tract, your nerve cells, heart cells and brain cells are under pressure too! Here are your Endurolytes options:

  1. Endurolytes Extreme: 1 capsule before and 1-2 capsules per hour in warmer, more humid, higher altitude and longer events. Available in bottles of 30s, 60s,120s and a foil pack of 5 for convenience.
  2. Endurolytes FIZZ: Add 1 effervescent tablet to your daily water bottle, exercise bottle, or hydration pack. You can also add to your HEED or Perpetuem bottle. Available in Lemon Lime, Grape, Mango and Cola flavour. Singles and tubes of 13 FIZZ.
  3. Endurolytes Extreme Powder: 1-2 scoops per hour in your water bottle or mixed with HEED and Perpetuem (flavour will change!). The EE Powder is available in a slightly salty watermelon flavour!!!

Endurolytes® Extreme – Hammer Nutrition
Endurolytes Fizz® – Hammer Nutrition

Let us delve a bit deeper into the Endurolytes Formula. Endurolytes contains chelated minerals. Chelation is the process of bonding a mineral to another substance, ideally an amino acid. This makes the mineral more bioavailable. Chelated minerals are the form most often recommended because they provide greater absorption than their non-chelated counterparts. For example, magnesium is 87% absorbed when chelated, but only 16% when taken in an inorganic, non-chelated form. One nutritional scientist wrote, "estimates of normal mineral absorption average 10%. However, absorption of chelated minerals may be as high as 60%." Let's examine each mineral in the Endurolytes Formula:

SODIUM (Your oil), is the chief cation (positively charged ion) outside the cell. During endurance events, a minimum of three to four hours is necessary to deplete this mineral, which may result in symptoms of abnormal heartbeat, muscle twitching and hypoventilation.

POTASSIUM (Your engine coolant), is the chief cation (positively charged ion) within all muscle cells. It is necessary for maintaining the optimal concentration and balance of sodium. Potassium deficiency symptoms are nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, cramping and rapid heart rate.

CALCIUM (Your brake fluid), is the most abundant mineral in the human body. Normal heart rhythm, healthy nerve transmission and strong muscle contractions require a constant blood calcium level. During exercise, calcium-dependent enzymes produce energy from fatty and amino acid conversion, providing 60-65% of your energy needs when exercise goes beyond two hours in length. When blood calcium runs low, the body extracts it from the bones, but this process can't keep up with your exercise depletion rate. Serum calcium deficiency during endurance events may produce high blood pressure, muscle cramps and weakness.

MAGNESIUM (Your battery fluid), should accompany calcium at a ratio of 1:2. When calcium flows into working muscle cells, the muscle contracts. When calcium leaves and magnesium replaces it, the muscle relaxes. Many enzymatic reactions necessary for fuel conversion to muscular energy occur in the presence of adequate magnesium. Deficiency of magnesium contributes to muscle cramps, tremors, sleep disturbances and in some cases, convulsive disorders.

CHLORIDE (Your windscreen wiper fluid), is the relative anion (negatively charged ion) that accompanies sodium. This electrolyte is absolutely necessary in maintaining the proper balance and consistency of body fluids and electrolytes. An appropriate amount of chloride (as sodium chloride) supports, but does not override, the function of the hormone aldosterone in regulating and conserving proper electrolyte levels.

MANGANESE (Your fuel additive), is included in Endurolytes as it is necessary in trace amounts for optimal muscle cell enzyme reactions for conversion of fatty acids and protein into energy. Manganese deficiency plays a key role in blood sugar fluctuation, free radical build-up from intense exercise and nerve function disorders, especially in older athletes.

PYRIDOXINE HCL (vitamin B-6) is a coenzyme required in 60 enzymatic reactions involving the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein. We include this water-soluble B vitamin in Endurolytes because of its active role in maintaining sodium-potassium balance.

L-TYROSINE is an amino acid added to the Endurolytes formula to protect thyroid and adrenal function. Blood plasma deficiency during extreme endurance events will lower thyroid and adrenal production, hindering the proper rate of metabolism. Symptoms of l-tyrosine depletion first appear as depression, later anger, then despondency that degenerates into total despair. If any of these has ever happened to you during a long training session or race, it may be due to low thyroid and adrenal production. It can be easily avoided by the intake of supplemental l-tyrosine through any of the Endurolytes products.

GLYCINE is an amino acid added to help neutralize the naturally salty/bitter taste of the minerals.

Getting your fluid and caloric needs dialed in and nailed down is fairly easy to accomplish, but fulfilling your electrolyte needs requires more attention because you have much more variability to account for. Using Endurolytes Extreme Capsules, Endurolytes Fizz, or Endurolytes Extreme Powder in your training will resolve that challenge. They contain the right minerals in the right balance. Also, because they are independent of your caloric and hydration sources, they provide you with the necessary dosing flexibility. Hammer On!

Neil's Tip: During longer exercise it is most likely better to separate your fueling and hydration requirements. Whether you are using Perpetuem or HEED and water, or a combination of the different fuels, athletes tend to prefer a different texture and taste for their fuelling during endurance events.

  • Example 1: A cyclist with 2 bottles, Bottle A has 3 scoops of Perpetuem and Bottle B has water with a FIZZ.
  • Example 2: A trail runner has Flask A 5 scoops of Perpetuem, Flask B with 1 scoop of HEED and the Camelback has water with a FIZZ.
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