Sportique Century Riding Cream 100ml (anti-chafe)

Sportique Century Riding Cream 100ml (anti-chafe)

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De-stresses skin for longer, more comfortable training and performance. Blend of botanicals helps your skin repair itself after damage, but more importantly prevents long term friction irritations before they start, by providing a long lasting, friction free barrier.

If you're a fan of long hours in the saddle then you've probably got a favourite chamois cream already. Even if you swear by one particular unguent or another, you should give this Sportique Century Riding Cream a go. Because it's brilliant.

Sportique go a bit overboard in their rather flowery description of the ingredients and thought processes that gave birth to their product range, but the bottom line is that the Riding Cream is an all-natural anti chafe product, petroleum-free, with a blend of essential oils and minerals swimming in a natural oil and nut butter base.

Slathering it on the chammy and heading out for some long rides, it's incredibly tenacious. You stick this on your pad and it'll still be there when you get off the bike, no matter how long that is. I used it on rides from a couple of hours to a dawn-to-dusk epic, and even after 15 straight hours in the saddle on a warm day it was doing the business. No chafing, no soreness, no nothing. It really does do exceptional work.

The Riding cream is anti-fungal and anti-microbial to lower the risk of infections, and it's skin conditioning too; I don't take great stock of how smooth my rump is from day to day but even I was impressed. Once you're done it washes out fairly easily, it's no more or less difficult to remove than other products I've used. So if you are wanting to stay away from the Petroleum based products then this is your go to Anti Chafe cream.


All Natural

Petroleum Free

Preservative and Paraben free

Long Lasting

Easy to remove


Apply to Chamois or areas where you are likely to Chafe.