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Founded in 1987 by Brian Frank in the US, Hammer Nutrition provides superlative products, proprietary knowledge and 5-star service to health conscious athletes all over the world. Our product line has grown from fuels and supplements to include premium U.S. and Italian made clothing, chemical free body care products and a wide variety of U.S. made accessories.

The following principles, philosophies and values have guided Hammer Nutrition from its humble roots in 1987 to the company you see today.

We are unwavering in our commitment to maintain our vision and mission, having done so for over three decades. The outward reflection of our brand, each one of our products and everything we do demonstrates these truths.

Brian Frank

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Hammer Nutrition is an endurance sports nutrition company founded in the USA in 1987 by Brian Frank. Hammer Nutrition provides unparalleled products, knowledge and service to health conscious athletes all over the world. Hammer Nutrition South Africa, with its Head Office in Cape Town, started in late 2006.


For over 30 years our mission and core values have been the foundation of the Hammer brand.

We are real people, making real, natural, healthy products with tons of vital information and a singular desire to help you be your best.


To grow a family business creating the highest quality, natural, most effective products ever developed, while adhering to our principles, philosophies and core values for generations to come.


Superlative products and the expertise to put them to their best effect certainly are key, but how a company interacts with its customers is even more important. From day one, we’ve strived to treat every client exactly the way we want to be treated when we are on the other side of the counter – fairly, honestly and as an individual.

Our reputation for 5-star customer service has been earned by living this principle every day for the past 30 plus years. We still read every feedback submission we receive and work directly with our staff to ensure that every issue is handled to our satisfaction.


Today, an overwhelming body of evidence confirms beyond question that a whole food diet – one that minimizes or eliminates processed foods, sugar, wheat, dairy, salt and chemical additives – is the most effective way to stay healthy, perform at your best and avoid the disease and malaise that “junk food” diets and poor products foster. Every one of our products is congruent with this truth and works with the body in a complementary way.

Our pioneering “less is best” approach to fuelling before, during and after exercise has revolutionized endurance sports participation and massively extended the limits of what can be accomplished by athletes.


“Since 1987, I’ve been steadfast in my unwillingness to compromise my principles to make a buck or increase profits. That sounds well and good, and is easy enough to claim, but I’ll give you a perfect example: We do not make gummy bear chews, which costs us $1-2 million per year in lost gross sales, conservatively and I’m ok with that.

Sugar/candy is not good for you and doesn’t promote optimum performance. I truly believe that with all of my heart, so we won’t offer them. With my company, you can rest assured that if you see my brand on a product, it’s going to be good for you. You can sleep easy knowing that if I would not eat it myself or feed it to my kids, I won’t try to sell it to you.”



For Hammer Nutrition, “service” also means community service, both locally and nationally. We support dozens of local organizations, schools, arts, charities and athletic events because this is where we all live and work and because these people are our neighbours, friends and the families of our staff members. We also believe that supporting small, local races serves the endurance community as a whole and ensures that you have these events to compete in and to practice your sport. For many of you, they are a stepping stone to bigger, national events. For others, they are a great way to commune with your fellow competitors.


We do not engage in self-serving circular reasoning or the use of selective science to support dubious products and formulations (you know the ones – the first three ingredients are sugar, salt, and citric acid). Instead, we rely on the entire collective body of research and knowledge about the human body to achieve and maintain peak health and performance through diet, hydration, and lifestyle choices.

We take a holistic approach to athletic performance and health, distil it and share it with you in a language you can understand because an educated athlete is an empowered athlete. Since day one, we have advocated eating a whole food diet to achieve and maintain peak athletic performance and overall health.



Every one of our products is 100% research-based and extensively field tested before it is ever offered for sale to you. Our products are composed of the highest-quality U.S/SA and European ingredients and manufactured in accord with the strictest manufacturing practices in the world. Every ingredient is carefully selected for complete efficacy and provided in amounts that will deliver real benefits and promised results.


Discovering the newest micro and macronutrients and their proper use to optimize your energy, endurance, recovery and overall health has always been the cornerstone of our business.

Since 1987, we’ve led the field every step of the way, spawning new product categories and a long list of imitators in the process.

Whether it was introducing the first high-potency CoQ10 product in 1987, the first all-complex-carbohydrate energy drink fortified with protein in 1992, or the first energy gel sold with a re-usable flask in 1995, Hammer Nutrition has been at the forefront of innovation in the endurance fuel and supplement world. We relish this leading role and will continue to stay on the cutting edge of innovation in the area of human performance, health and longevity.

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